Royal Sapphire Engagement Rings of Europe

When Prince William put the late Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring on Kate Middleton's finger, the ring unquestionably turned 1 the most renowned sapphire rings in the globe. However, even though diamonds are nevertheless the standard option for most royals, this is not the very first time that the royal families of Europe have favoured the coloured gemstone for engagement jewellery.

Alongside with Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen Mom, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, obtained a lovely Kashmir sapphire engagement ring from the Duke of York, who afterwards grew to become King George VI. The striking ring also experienced accent diamonds for extra brilliance, even though in the course of the nineteen fifties the Queen Consort abandoned this ring and started donning a giant pearl ring instead. The Queen Mother's granddaughter, Princess Anne, was also offered with two sapphire engagement pieces during her marriages. Her very first ring, from yellow sapphire engagement rings , was a classic three-stone piece with a blue sapphire in the centre flanked by two diamonds, even though her second was an abnormal bezel established cabochon sapphire with a diamond trio on each facet.

In 1995, the Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece introduced Princess Marie-Chantal with a stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring when he proposed on a ski carry in Switzerland. The royal engagement ring featured a cabochon blue sapphire with a heart-shaped diamond for a intimate end. Continuing the pattern of royal sapphire engagement rings is Princess Tatiana Blatnik, who was given a customized-designed blue sapphire ring surrounded by accent diamonds by Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark in 2010.

Sapphires have long been regarded the stone of royalty, and it was in between the sixteenth and nineteenth generations, in particular, that sapphire engagement rings became extremely considerably sought after by royals. The conventional velvety-blue color of the gemstone arrived to be noticed as a image of the heavens, anything that the intensely spiritual Charlemagne, the founding father of France and Germany and the initial ruler of the Western European Empire following the fall of the Roman Empire, strongly thought. Charlemagne even owned a sacred amulet, which held a relic of the True Cross among two sapphires, so convinced was he that sapphires not only symbolised heaven but promised everlasting salvation.

It rarely seems astonishing that the royal households of Europe have usually turned to the sapphire, over all other gemstones, when searching for that eye-catching piece of jewelry. We shall have to hold out for the up coming royal engagement to see if the sapphire will keep on its royal craze.

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